Business Ethics and Promotional Items


A popular way to get your business on the business to business situation is the giving of promotional items as corporate gifts. This is done to varying degrees by all sorts of different companies, from handing out branded pens and mouse mats to all employees at a seminar to choose a very special and expensive personal gifts to present the VIP you want to choose offer.

These methods are very effective. If the brand is dotted around the office on different mugs people, desk calendars, stationery and so on, it will definitely stick in the minds of employees working there, some or all of the effects of the products and services that the company uses. By choosing Killer gift for an important executive, you have to show not only that business has gone to some trouble to understand their tastes, but that you value their custom enough to sometimes make a significant outlay of bespoke products just to impress them.

Of course, it is not as simple as that. To avoid undesirable scenario where contracts are simply given to the vendor who spends the most money fun and pampering decision makers, many companies have policies about what can be accepted, both in terms of corporate hospitality and in terms of promotional items.

These rules can be from very mild (staff can accept anything but to describe it as over a certain value), the direction in which the only gifts under a certain, sometimes very nominal, are acceptable without violating the policy. This generally makes standard promotional merchandise fare trademark office accessories giveaway acceptable, but attempts to wow CEOs with custom promotional items as well as some specially engraved wine glasses and they have to turn down a gift or risk losing their job. Some companies, including several large well-known brands, with a strict “no gifts” policy, where it is considered unethical to even accept a cup of coffee bought for you with potential or current supplier.

Make sure you are aware of the corporate gifts business policies you want to deal with, so there is no unpleasantness or money wasted if it turns out that they prohibit promotional items assessing gifts . You can often find this information on their website, or in materials sent to you when you expressed an interest to bid for their custom. If not, you can always ask someone there -. It shows that you take the business seriously and so will not cause offense


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