Business ethics guidelines – An Ethical Action test of strategic thinking business Coach


Each of us is responsible for our own actions. Although in today’s business world, I imagine many skeptics would take exception to that statement because it is proof that people are not held accountable for their actions, even when they are unethical. And even more disturbing, some are even rewarded for unethical actions. Each of us makes a choice to act ethically or act unethically.

It is important that we know what is ethical and what is unethical. But, more challenging and difficult than knowing what is moral, is to know what is right and then do what is right. Always do the right thing is necessary for long term success in your business and personal life. So what advice and guidance are available to check whether the action just before the implementation of the decision to deal with? Well, strategic thinking business coach has a set of questions to provide advice to your moral decisions and actions.

My advice to strategic thinking business coach is to ask the following ten (10) questions about the action and the idea that you are contemplating. And if you can not answer yes to any of these questions, then you have to develop alternate technology or seek advice and counsel from others.

+ Does the idea or action, in accordance with your core values ​​and guiding principles of your business life and private life?

+ Does the idea or action legal?

+ Will the idea or action to be fair to all concerned?

+ Will the idea or action past the Golden Rule test (Do the second Test)?

+ Would idea or action stand up to critical public review if brought out into the open?

+ will cost an idea or action exceed the costs?

+ Does the idea or action in accordance with the business or the rules and regulations of the Agency?

+ Will you feel comfortable without feeling guilty if you follow through on the idea or action?

+ Does the idea or action meet the goals and objectives?

+ Would the most ethical person I know to follow the idea or action?

These are very practical and useful questions to test ideas and actions. You may have other questions and add them to the list. If you use these questions to test ideas and actions and remember to work ethically required in all you do, you will greatly increase your chances of being highly ethical and successful.

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