Business Ethics – the boundaries are not always so clear


Business ethics; this is an oxymoron like jumbo shrimp or military intelligence? These days it is hard to say. With all the uproar in government these days for bankrupt states and trade unions need bail outs, people start to wonder where the ethics went into business.

man who had been a trusted advisor for hundreds of people for many years has been in prison for all his business was based on an elaborate Ponzi scheme that, in the end, these people defrauded of their money. That made the money; he is now in prison. It’s certainly not ethical. Does it seem unimportant in prison? Not much; He still talks about the gullibility of people he tricked

The Columbia Encyclopedia defines ethics as :. “. The investigation and assessment of decision-making companies, according to the moral concepts and judgments”

I suppose this subject is still taught at the Columbia School of Business so why not anyone seem to learn it? Is it because there is such a dearth of ethics in our business world today? Have greed destroyed our judgment? Is it so important to make a lot of money it does not matter who we come while we’re climbing the ladder to the top?

Ethical issues should be more complicated because we have a more global economy and international trade. Perhaps this is part of the problem. Maybe, say people, we would return to our world of morality if we did not try to think and act the Cross Cultural lines. This should not make any difference to us. Our values ​​should always be the same and ethics should always be at the top of the list our company.

Sometimes we find ourselves working with other cultures where certain races or religions are not well understood. We deal with companies in other countries that denigrate women. We should not allow our dealings with other countries to disrupt the values ​​of our country. Good business ethics should be at the top of our list. In wanting to make money for the company should not spoil the ethics of their employers. Even if a company can be fined for breaching ethics, sometimes it does not affect the company and employers to do what is right. Why is this? It is because the company can afford to pay whatever fine is proposed and then proceed to go on to make even more money until they are caught again

Business ethics has come to mean :. Do not break the law, do not attract a civil suit; do not mess up the company’s image. In theory these three rules would lead the company’s employees down the straight and narrow. It does not work because you can not teach a man of ethics. It’s like morality. It is instinctive; right or wrong. Because profitability comes into play in any discussion of company business ethics are often bent or completely broken.


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