Ethics and Character in Business


This is a new era in the world. There was a time, back in the 1950s, where ethics and the nature of the transactions were not unusual, but the norm. The United States was largely Christian population and moral society was “salted” with the “salt” of Christians. Prayer and Bible reading were allowed in schools and the Ten Commandments were placed. 1960 began the revolution take God out of the schools and the community, and look at where we are today.

net effect of the cultural revolution is that many companies, businesses, banks and governments, or at least some individuals within them, have cut the cord ethics. We find more and more ethical offense, especially when we look at the news coming out of Washington, DC We see it happening that would have been unthinkable 30 or 40 years ago.

That, in turn, often puts people, the workers, in a difficult position. Here is an example. Recent debates and court rulings on abortion have been doctors and nurses in the state either work against individual beliefs in this area, or sent to a common policy to work. The end result is that some risk.

In other cases, the company fights for the freedom to live according to their own conscience. Hobby Lobby is an example of this. They took their right to live their own religious conscience of their convictions to the Supreme Court. We now see recent incident involving Meriam Ibrahim, Christian doctor who was in prison for their Christian faith. Much prayer and international legal work involved in setting her free.

in many ways, we are in a similar position when the pre-WWII. Many, probably many more than World War II, are aware of the problem today. We see the lies and corruption clear, but the pre-WWII era. This creates a situation where they come out as whistleblowers are often threatened with their jobs, and sometimes their lives. They can lose the promotion, advancement and retirements will not “go along to get along”. Remember, at the beginning of this debate was the moral changes in society and in business since 1950 and since the Bible had authority over inspections great majority of the population.

Because of this, it is worth considering to own your own business. By being a successful business owner, you avoid the pitfalls corporation to tell you that operate outside the ethics of your conscience and character. Not only that, in today’s economy, where workers are expendable, since companies would rather get rid of long-term employees and give them any retirement, owning your own business will be a way to preserve your economic future. Owning your own business is one way to handle the current difficulties involving ethics and character in business.


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