Machiavelli – The Prince – Business Ethics


Machiavelli said that “The first inspection of one form of the prince, and his understanding, is by observing the men he has around him, and when they are able and faithful he may always be considered wise.”

Similarly, the selection of employees in the modern organization is important as they are the most valuable asset of the organization. Machiavelli proposed that they should hire who believe in grandness of the project and the greatness of the leader rather than to focus on other aspects such as money and reputation (Knowledge @ Wharton, 2003). As it is people looking for money and reputation will leave as soon as they will get better elsewhere.

Second, all employees and individuals should be armed and power prince will significantly increase their number. This can be easily translated to provide more opportunities for workers in the workplace. This will not only prepare them for larger projects but also improve their loyalty to the organization.

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The word “Machiavellian” in English is now commonly referred to as “political doctrine of Machiavelli: any means (however unscrupulous) can use a ruler to create and maintain Autocratic his government. The book time and time again mentions that it is prudent for the prince to use cunning and necessary evil activities, either at the initiative of fear among his opponents or to protect his kingdom.

philosophy today is as outdated today as and the media plays a growing role in public life and people have zero tolerance for unscrupulousness. Even in the business world something unethical is looked down and there are strict rules against it.

Time and time again we have witnessed how the company Guide to unscrupulous methods to medication is punished not only with the government but also by the stakeholders. Nike has seen customer protests and product boycott against employment of child labor in its factories vendors in South Asia. Wal-Mart is criticized for failing to allow its employees to form a union and making illegal workers clean stores to reduce costs.

biggest all is harsher punishment CEO of Enron and WorldCom who were found guilty of manipulating accounting and fattening profits.


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