Small Business Ethics


ethics in business has become big news in recent years. We read about the escapades of executives at Enron, WorldCom and other major companies and shake our heads in amazement thinking, “How could it happen.” We marvel at the unethical behavior of these leaders, but at the same time never consider their own conduct.

The truth is that business leaders, regardless of the size of the company, faced moral pressure every day. The scope or effect of moral decision may not measure up to the likes of Enron, but nevertheless, they are. How business leaders of other minor ethical issues precedes how bigger decision will be made as the company grows.

Many of the ethical issues we may face are not clearly black or white. In fact, the two men facing the same issue could be quite possible to make unfavorable decisions, but believe they have each made the best ethical decision. Why? Because of ethical decisions are based on the moral character of people. When it comes to ethical behavior, with each march to the sound of different drummers and as such will make different decisions in similar cases.

As a business owner you must set the bar on ethical behavior. Make integrity core value, be honest with your customers and employees, always follow the rules, never compromise your principles, and remember that the right thing is not always the opposite of the wrong thing. Do this and your customers will respect you and your employees will be secure, the necessary ingredients for a successful business

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