The Importance of Ethics for Company


What exactly is the importance of ethics for business? Well to doctors, dentists, therapists, lawyers and accountants, etc. They are fundamental to the daily work of their business and fail to apply them carefully and correctly can and often does lead to find the ways and even revocation of their licenses to practice. We have all heard of members who have been suspended due to malpractice. The doctor operates on the wrong patient ,, wrong treatment given, the failure to apply sufficient attention to the accuracy of the figures in the audit, overcharging customers for hours not actually worked.

All these things are about unethical conduct, so what things ethic achieve and how can you be sure to use them to avoid censure and possible suspension of business and / or license to practice? First make sure you are familiar with the code of conduct for particular business they are usually issued by the trade association for your profession. Next study the intention of the company’s written protocol. An example would be the Canadian Barristers Association Code of Conduct, which is particularly well written and contains detailed descriptions and examples of how they see Barristers put this into practice in their practices. They have also laid down an appeals procedure for the public to follow when they feel that their lawyer has not been treated fairly. This is fairly typical of better jobs and also mimic those companies who perceive the customers rights and expectations to be an integral part of their business and something they need to be successful, if they are to get repeat business.

Why? then you might ask, there are many companies and law practices that ignore these rules of their normal business? It’s a good question and one that I’m trying to answer, there are a few that I can think of

– .. The cost of educating staff and implementing the necessary controls

– The need for good management control to ensure all staff in accordance

– .. The fact that costs and prices no longer be inflated to achieve high cost business

– The perceived extra work that would have to ensure ethical methods are applied,

– .. Bullying company would have to explain all the rights and procedures that they have to all customers to ensure that they were responsible for their actions

– time customers could need to understand the consequences of poor corporate actions could lead to increased costs for companies with poor ethical and control.

The up side is better clarity to the public about what these experts are truly responsible for, the public could hold them accountable and responsible for their actions, and we would all be my article were “good” company. In short, the importance of business ethics is a responsibility and better public awareness let’s hope that more and more Internet marketers establish good ethical practices and make the public aware of them and the fact that ethical standards are being followed.


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