The role of ethics as a management tool in the Retail Business


Retailers expect their employees to be honest in dealing with the company and with their colleagues. Customers expect the company and its employees to be honest and ethical in their dealings with them. Employees expect the company, its owners and managers to be honest in our dealings with them.

These are reasonable expectations for all.

Outside what people expect of each other, are crucial to sound business ethics for it is sound and deserves ethics that many practices are established.

Poor ethics demonstrated by the business owner or senior managers can educate others about the company is willing to cut corners or compact gray areas between what is right and what is wrong. This can lead to employees themselves by this behavior and working against the company, but to do no worse than they have seen more older man made.

Every day, business decisions that show the position of ethics. Take recycling. If a company publicly said it is committed to a certain recycling but behind closed doors is ready to act differently, those who see this will know that the company takes dishonesty.

Every decision is an opportunity to act ethically or not, it is important that companies not only for how it portrays itself to the public, but more importantly for the way it portrays moral obligations to employees.

One way to meet the ethical challenge of company heads in the case of ethics to employees. Create a framework around which ethical questions can be raised and discussed. Bring a group – by email or face to face – where ethics can be discussed in the context of specific transactions. Consider installing various scenarios in the group and offer dialogue to test the moral status of the company and the individuals involved.

One of the first tasks of the group convened to discuss the ethics of the business could be the development of ethical standards. This need not be a long document. Something simple that commits the company and its employees of behavior should be enough to provide guidance on the day-to-day decisions.

best approach, if ethics is important to you and your business is to live life as if in a Fishbowl, hope that everything you say or do, and can be observed by others. This ensures a level of care about the potential ethical issues that may be missed otherwise.

Companies that take the time to discuss and organize around ethics are well served in most of the issues faced.


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