Why Good Business Ethics Make Good Business


Why Ethics in business are important

Ethics in business is not only common sense, but business sense as well, no matter if you are running a large company or a small home business from the garage.

Some raise hell when they get bad service or overcharged for the product. But the vast majority of people are too busy or too tired to make a scene or write a letter of complaint. The majority of customers just to quiet mental note of useless business that you have, and vow to never go back there, and they usually do not. These days of online shopping and delivery to your doorstep service, it is very easy to find another dealer.

So honesty and respect in fact, paid in the business, especially in the long term. Many hot shot Whiz kids have made their fortunes by ignoring part of business ethics and integrity, and this was one of the main factors in the latest recession we are now enduring. Bad ethics and dishonesty, greed and rudeness do not help business at all, and the business will collapse when customers all go elsewhere, or when Whiz Kid crookery be found out and punished.

It does not take a rocket scientist to work out these simple rules. So why not highly educated professionals and seasoned businessmen and entrepreneurs make the mistake of forgetting ethics? Mainly because it has the courage of your convictions and good moral base of individuals. Dishonesty is giving you money in the short term, as the history of the branch you’re sitting on gives you the timber in a short time. So it will always be tempting to those with weak morals along with financial pressure. In many cases the raw courage to be honest, but out of trouble for a company going through, it’s reputation grows, and a company with a good reputation are a successful company. Of course, you still need a good business plan and a hungry market, as well as ethics, to succeed. . But morality is vital to keep yourself

Business ethics that are important are:

1. charge the Customer a reasonable price. Do not be greedy.

2. Treat customers with respect, as he is better than you.

3. Do not want to sell customers a defective item or advice or something that is harmful or dangerous.

4. Always tell customers the truth.

5. Treat employees as you treat yourself, or better. Be kind and generous assistance.

6. Pay your suppliers instead.

Ethics do courage and hard work. But they are worth. And they are good business sense too.


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